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MIR (Medical International Research) Spirobank II Spirometer with Oximetry.  We have 3 excellent condition demo units available for just $995.00.

The most powerful, the most simple!

The Spirobank II is a handheld multifunctional spirometer with graphic display. It can be used alone or with the WinspiroPRO software connected to a PC.

Spirobank II Features:

  • Spirometer with 6,000 test memory
  • Internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS conversion
  • Stand alone or PC online operation
  • Graphic display with user friendly icons
  • Patient identification by name or ID code
  • Bluetooth connection to printer or mobile phone
  • USB, RS232 and wireless acoustic modem
  • Upgradeable internal software via internet
  • Sleep disorder detection with events recording
  • 6MWT - six minute walk test with automatic alarm for rest, walk and recovery
  • Post analysis data shown right on the display to provide a quick detailed assessment
  • EMR
  • Automatically records the best 3 trials
  • Advanced spirometry test interpretation
  • Lung age estimation.

WinspiroPRO PC Software:

  • Flow/volume and Volume/time curves
  • PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison
  • FEV1 dose-response curve
  • Exclusive pediatric incentive system
  • Advanced spirometry test interpretation
  • Several sets of predicted values
  • Integration with EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • Data and graphs export also via email

Only $995.00. Get yours now with 100 free filters.

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